Walmart Gift Card Balance

It is possible for people who have Walmart Gift Cards to check their card’s balances online. That is something which the Walmart Gift Card holders can do with ease, on the Walmart website. Both people with physical Walmart Gift Cards (that is, plastic gift cards) and those with online gift cards can check their Walmart Gift Card balances online. Checking a Walmart Gift Card balance online is very convenient: especially given the fact that the alternatives to this are either to check the card balance in a Walmart store or by phone. To many people, checking the card balance online is the most convenient option. And as we shall see below, checking the Walmart Gift Card balance online is also very easy.

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How to check Walmart Gift Card balance online

To the check the Walmart Gift Card balance online, you start by going to the Walmart website – the address/URL to take you there is provided below, in the ‘helpful links’ section.

Once you get to the Walmart website, check at the top, and you will see the main menu whose items include ‘Gift Cards’ , ‘ Registry’ , ‘ Lists’ , ‘ Weekly Ads’ and ‘Store Finder’. From that menu, click on the first link, namely the ‘Gift Cards’ link.

On the page that you are taken to, check on the left hand sidebar, and you will see a section that is entitled ‘Manage Gift Cards’ – within that section, click on the ‘Check Gift Card Balance’ link.

On the page that you are then directed to, enter the gift card number, and the PIN, as required, then enter the provided captcha code, and finally click on the ‘get card balance’ button. Your Walmart Gift Card balance will appear.

How to check Walmart Gift Card balance if yours is an online gift card

The procedure is still the same: the only difference being that in this case, you don’t get the card number from a physical (plastic) card, but rather, from the email that you receive from Walmart with the online gift card’s details.

How to find the Walmart Gift card PIN

In case yours is a physical (plastic) gift card, the PIN will be found at the back of the card. Turn to the back of your card, and on the bottom right hand corner, you will see a scratch off area (which is silver-colored). Scratch that off, to get the PIN. If yours is an online Walmart Gift card, the pin will be in the email that Walmart sends you with the Gift Card’s details.

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